About me

I'm a student/freelance animator and illustrator with emphases in 3D character animation and scene layout. Using my experience and interest in zoology, I'm excellent at creating realistic behavior in characters human or animal, but I also love to tell stories just through composition and character posing. I think the best moments in film and illustration are ones that allow the audience to observe and infer the events leading up to the moment they're able to witness.


BA of Zoology and Environmental Science from Miami University 2012.

Certificate of Animation from University of Cincinnati, Blue Ash 2014.

2.5 years spent in freelance illustration and animation.

Current 3.6 gpa as a 3D animation student at The Columbus College of Art and Design


3D: Autodesk Maya, Substance Painter, Zbrush.

2D: After Effects, Storyboard Pro, Illustrator, Flash, and Photoshop.


2014 Addy for Elements of Advertising. 2014 Student Production Emmy in Animation


3D/2D Character animation, scene layout, storyboarding, animatic production, and background design. Additional training in 3D texturing, lighting, and modeling. Quick to pick up new skills and provide useful input in design and story collaborations.

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