'Roark' Motion Test

This is the motion test to a character sculpted, rigged, and animated by me. It was the first fully independent rig I've created, for the purpose of understanding the rigging process and incorporating the character into later film projects.

Gaurd Dog

This is a short animation made for the '11-Second Club' April 2017 contest. It uses audio from Star Wars: Rougue One, the 'Cody' and 'Tuna' character rigs, and an environment downloaded from TurboSquid. Aside from character animation, the biggest challenge was to create a scene that transformed the very specific dialogue sample into another context using only borrowed assets.

One Day Steady - Off Course Music Video

This was a paid project to create a music video using the track from One Day Steady. I created the story, artistic style, and animation based off the content of the lyrics- about a crew becoming lost at sea. It seemed a very fitting opportunity to research medieval/colonial maps and illustrations to base the work off of new world monsters as they were originally conceived during their time period.

2016 2D Animation Reel

A 1-minute compilation of the best parts of my freelance work during 2016. In it, the finished videos are timed with their respective animatics shown in the upper-right corner. The segments are from animations that can be viewed below and on the 'animations' page of this site.

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